How We Can Help You

Leah M. Joppy & Associates understands the challenges confronting today’s organizations and we utilize our wealth of experience and common sense approaches in achieving mutual results.  LMJ&A has an outstanding reputation for designing, developing and delivering tried and tested training solutions.

Our associates are able to design innovative strategies and training approaches to help organizations create environments that maximize the business and personal contributions of all employees. In addition, we are experienced at creating and facilitating interventions that enable leadership at all levels to identify the root causes of major systems and personnel breakdowns. 

We have been instrumental in achieving effective management results in competitive and changing business environments. Our exceptional business acumen assists organizations in linking people with organizational purpose to achieve phenomenal results. 


Our  Approach

While we have “off the shelf” training we also work to identify a customized training approach. This unique service emphasizes business results and builds a lasting systems approach that encourages and develops collaboration among the employees and emphasizes ownership, individual choice and responsibility for each individual’s behavior.

  • Our training focuses on providing participants with an “experience” that allows them to interactively participate in an on-going process based on the principles of effective adult learning. These techniques facilitate the acquisition of skills that are critical in organizations that are using teams to accomplish their work. They are particularly effective where the ability to communicate effectively with and within groups and analyzing one’s behavior and relationships with others are essential. 
  • We believe that it is important to collaborate with our clients. They tell us that one of the many things they like about working with us is our ability to quickly and skillfully identify, see the blind spots, and then coach and guide the organization towards measurable activities and results. 
  • We know learning occurs when people get actively involved in the process. Therefore, we guide learners through a series of practical exercise, involving participants in simulations, case studies, problem solving, and many other types of activities which enhance ongoing dialogue during the learning process.
  • We draw on the life experiences, skills and knowledge of participants in order to create a meaningful and relevant learning experience.
  • We believe the real purpose of education is not knowledge -- it is action. Our training and education programs are designed to build a call for action. Participants are encouraged to create their own personal action plans and receive coaching and support in their planning.