New Leaders

Who Is This Program For?

  • For GS 5-9 Employees (federal government) and
  • Support / administrative level employees (non-federal government)


Program Overview

Journey to Leadership is a highly-impactful, interactive program, designed to:

  • Guide participants in how to develop a successful career strategy;  
  • Empower them to take control of their own career; and  
  • Move forward with total confidence.

Participants will be 100% involved in their own learning! Real life scenarios, case studies, individual and group presentations, sharing knowledge and best practices are just a glimpse of the learning styles used in the delivery of this program. Learning opportunities will be maximized!   


Target Audience

Employees in entry-level positions - the program accommodates individuals from various career backgrounds across an agency.


Program Cycle

This is a nine month program. Participants will meet once a month with homework assignments in-between. Each month's class room training will focus on pre-selected competencies. Participants will journal their program experience to achieve maximum success. 


Program Benefits / Objectives

Participants will use core leadership competencies to improve their current knowledge, skills and abilities to develop achievable goals.

Participants will design and execute a networking system to build relationships and cultivate better communications at all levels.

Participants will design an Individual Development Plan that will enhance their career strategy.

Participants will be prepared to take on greater leadership roles within their organization and be equipped to support their organizations with the challenges of succession planning.