executive coaching

LMJ&A's LECP helps managers and leaders develop the interpersonal skills they need to build effective team, senior management and peer relationships,  strengthen leadership capabilities and influence others to action. 

Who will benefit:

Anyone who would like to:

• Build/enhance leadership strengths
• Learn proactive communication and problem-solving skills
• Build effective teams
• Effectively manage change and transition
• Foster a climate of continuous learning
 •Develop personal mastery and sustained performance


LEC Customized Approach

LECP is a partnership that is focused on professional development, career advancement, and increased performance and is aligned with an organization’s business objectives.  Our LEC program provides feedback, accountability, challenge and support necessary for managers and executives to be successful in their roles.

Our customized approach includes:

• Identification of leadership development needs
• Coordination with key stakeholders, including managers and HR professionals
• Evaluation of business opportunities, leadership challenges and cultural norms
• Creation and implementation of an Action Plan


Our Coaches

All of our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and have over 15 years executive coaching in all sectors to include federal government, public and private industry, academia and non-profit, to name a few. Our belief is “Leadership is found at ALL levels”. Therefore, our coaches are able to provide service for any level of employee.


Case Studies

The staff of a senior manager (GS15) was dissatisfied with his management style. It was perceived by staff as dictatorial and disrespectful. As a result, LMJA was procured to provide executive coaching to raise his awareness and help him shift his approach. Individual staff interviews were conducted and feedback given to senior management with recommendations. Eventually, management recognized that his rigid and demanding ways were not conducive to his staff's productivity and motivation. He worked hard to shift his approach. After a follow-up coaching session, the manger concluded his personal and career goals were not being realized at the current job and has since taken another job that was a much better fit. A win-win for all involved.

A senior manager (GS15) had a style of communication that was perceived by her staff as authoritative and disrespectful. LMJA was procured to assess the situation. Individual interviews were conducted with staff. Comments received from staff included 'management did not respect their competency or decision-making capability'; 'she over-stepped her boundaries'; 'ignored purchasing requests'; 'withheld critical information', just to name a few. Feedback was shared with management. While the manager was initially in denial and resistant she agreed to adjust her communication style and make her management approach more inclusive, hands-off and respectful to include a weekly 10-minute 'stand up' round-robin meeting. At last follow-up workplace is operating more effectively and efficiently.

A organization was planning to terminate an employee for failure to get along with her teammates. The employee was highly-competent, however, displayed interpersonal communication behaviors that caused conflict in the office. Employee and her supervisor were constantly at odds and fellow employees were afraid to approach her because of intimidating body language and verbal assaults. LMJA was asked to provide coaching for the employee . After only a few coaching sessions the employee was able to recognize and change her 'blind spot' behavior that created conflict. Employee now has a productive relationship with both her supervisor and co-workers. Feedback received is that her communication style is no longer intimidating and she is now approachable. At last check, employee found a new, higher-level job that maximizes her new-found knowledge and experience.

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