Leadership Series

The following are a sample of the courses we offer. Please click a course title for details.

Personal Development Series

Professional Development Series

Organizational Development Series

Career Development Series

Career Development Services

Project Management Training

HR Consulting & Support Services





Personal Development Series:

Achieving Self-Empowerment
Balancing Work and Family
Building a Healthy Self-esteem
Effective Communication
Change Management
Taking Control of Your Life
Stress Management
Discovering Your Life's Purpose



Professional Development Series:

Project Management
Conflict Resolution
Valuing Diversity
Working Effectively as a Team
The Foundation of Leadership - The New Supervisor
Managing Multiple Tasks and Priorities
Exceptional Customer Service
Workplace Violence
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Building Trust and Integrity
Effective Coaching Skills
The Successful Mentor
Motivate and Retain Your Employees
How to Facilitate a Meeting
Setting and Achieving Goals
Managing Former Peers



Organizational Development Series:  

Business Process Improvement
Cultural Assessment and Design
Change Management
Training Evaluation
Organizational Effectiveness



Career Development Series:

True Colors™ Personality Profile
DiSC Behavioral Profile
SkillScan Inventory
Campbell Interest & Skills Inventory
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Strong Interest and Career Inventory
Choosing a Career
Work/Life Planning

The Resume and Skills Portfolio
The Electronic Resume
Marketing Yourself for the Successful Job Search
The Art of Networking
The Power Interview

Coping With Job Loss
Coping With Workplace Change
Career Transition
Marketing Your Gifts - The Entrepreneurial Challenge 



Career Development Services:

Individual Development Plan
Career coaching and mentoring
Personalized career counseling     



Project Management Training:

Fundamentals of Project Management
The ABCs of Project Management
Building the Business Case=OMB Exhibit 300
Benefit Cost Analysis and Earned Value Concepts
Effective Project Management Communications
Managing Project Risks
Project Scheduling Methods: Critical Chain, Agile and Earned Schedule
Program Management Using Earned Value
IT Project Management
Cost Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis with Benefit Value Scoring



HR Consulting & Support Services:

Human Resources Staff Augmentation
Trainers & Facilitators
HR  Consultants


Labor Relations
Hiring and Recruiting
Performance Management
Performance Problems
Qualification Analysis
Job Analysis