5 A's

Empower your Admin staff to take on a greater leadership role in the workplace. This 1-day course will address 5 vital components of a successful career:

  • Attitude - Do you have a successful attitude?
  • Associates - Do you know the right people? Do the right people know you?
  • Appearance - It's more than just what you wear!
  • Asset - Are you a problem-solver? ¬†Are you resourceful?
  • Ability - Does your skill level meet the ever-changing demands of the workplace?

Recognition is the #1 motivator for this hardworking group.* Take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to celebrate, recognize and reward your admin staff.

*Survey conducted by North Tennessee Private Industry Council, Clarksville, TN

The 5 As of Success is a class that is in demand and sure to have a waiting list. Participants see it as a source of valuable advice in building a successful career. Its benefit to our organization is the prospect of value added by committed, positive, professional employees. By addressing five vital components of a successful career: attitude, associates, appearance, ability and action, this very engaging training team has garnered consistently high marks from our participants.

Linda B. Gray
Staff Developmentt Specialist
Montgomery County Public Schools